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Baïkonour_01 - Close the window - Are you Ping-Pong ?

Maybe lost, maybe free... we don't know
Baïkonour_01, The Music Lab, founded in 2005, January the 1st, by Aldaï Aniguo & Ruüssele Latuna creates atmospheres like kitchen in the space... like swimming-pool on da Moon !
Intentionnally inspireted by the more free music, this duet thinks that time doesn't exist !
No more !
We can confirm that the phenomenon of creation is present to a significant degree in the music used in our programm.
To test this we carried out an empirical analysis on a sample of time series.
This music makes use of a panel data framework to identify signals.
The empirical findings indicate an upward bias signalling a possible error.
The Baïkonour's productions are now available.

Baïkonour_01 - Close the window
Share it at : https://archive.org/details/mhrk025
Released on Mahorka in july 2005

Baïkonour_01 - Are you Ping-Pong ?
Share it at : https://archive.org/details/ZST006
Released on Zeste in july 2005